“All the world’s a stage,” the famous quote begins. And so the world wide web offers a context thus, writ large! Here you shall find you, like the subject of this site, can venture from the theatrical and back again or beyond.

“All the men and women, merely players,” the quote continues. But to any who engage here, know that as someone who knows what it feels like to be left out, indeed be out on a limb, as a result of personal circumstances that have professional consequences, there is no “merely,” about my involvement or your interest here. I appreciate that you are here. You, whoever you are and whatsoever the reason for your being here, are welcome!

They have their exits and their entrances,” so it is said of those “players.” How appropriate, again in this context of the internet. In and out of sites at the click of a button, I hope your visiting here leads you to further visit this site. But however long you are here, you shall find the ease of links readily to hand.

“And one man in his time plays many parts.” So the great quote concludes. But it doesn’t stop there. This one man wants to play his part and does, but wants to do so more than ever. This is in the context of changing times and with many a part to play, both personally and professionally. I do so here on the website you are viewing, as well as on the world wide web on other sites with which you might be linking. And I do so in the wider world that is often referred to as the real world, but in these times, from here, is both real and virtual, and increasingly both at the same time!